Rabu, 2 Mac 2016

Tips For Best Hijab Style

Assalamualaikum.. Hi!

Vacation season is getting near and it is the perfect season for those who like to travel , like me!!! Over the years, I have managed to pick up some tips to master the art of travelling fashionably. No one wants to scream the word tourist when they travel, yet you might want to be comfortable throughout the journey. Check below for my tips for best hijab style on how to travel stylishly. 

The perfect travel bag – keep in mind that the bag you carry when you are travelling is very crucial to your hijab style approach. The reason is you must want to ensure that you bring the right bag. If you like to pack light, take one or two purses so you can carry one that coordinates with everything. If you plan to bring two, the other one should be smaller for a night out. A large roomy tote could fit all your essential items that you need while travelling. Get a bag that has a top zip to protect your belongings. 

Don’t be afraid of height – when you are travelling, most of the time you won’t be bringing too many shoes. Stick with 2-3 pairs that are stylish and comfortable that you can walk in all day. Shoes that you slip on can hurt after a while, so the more secure – the better. It is not necessary to travel in flats. Wedges are more comfortable than some flats. If you need some height then opt for a pair of stylish and comfy wedges

Plan your outfits – take some time to pack so you can plan your outfits when you travel. Bring along your favourite hijabs that are versatile for an easy mix and match. Especially instant hijab shawl!! Very comfortable and easy to wear!! Love love!!

Thank you.
,Nur Nadheera

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  1. beg tu semuaaa lawaaaaaaa T_T

  2. part tinggi tu kita setuju. cikja sgt takut nk pakai heels. pastu tak biasa. tp kalau xpakai bila nk biasa kan.